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E-Series Systems

Install and configure Windows Unified Host Utilities

Contributors NetAppZacharyWambold netapp-jolieg

The Windows Unified Host Utilities tools help you to connect host computers to NetApp storage systems and set required parameters on host computers. You can also set appropriate disk timeouts for best read/write performance with NetApp storage.

Note For more information, see the Windows Host Utilities Installation Guide, found under NetApp Documentation: Host Utilities.
  1. Use the NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool to determine the appropriate version of Unified Host Utilities to install.

    The versions are listed in a column within each supported configuration.

  2. Download the Unified Host Utilities from NetApp Support.

    Note This utilities package cannot be installed using the SANtricity Storage Manager installer.
    Note Alternatively, you can use the SANtricity SMdevices utility to perform the same functions as the Unified Host Utility tool. The SMdevices utility is included as part of the SMutils package. The SMutils package is a collection of utilities to verify what the host sees from the storage array. It is included as part of the SANtricity software installation.