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E-Series Systems

Maintain EF300 and EF600 hardware

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For the EF300 and EF600 storage systems, you can perform maintenance procedures on the following components.


A battery is included with a controller and preserves cached data if the AC power fails.


A controller consists of a board, firmware, and software. It controls the drives and implements the SANtricity System Manager functions.


You must replace a DIMM (dual in-line memory module) when a memory mismatch is present, or you have a failed DIMM.


A drive is a device that provides the physical storage media for data.


Each EF300 or EF600 controller shelf or drive shelf includes five fans for cooling the controller.

Host interface cards (HICs)

A host interface card (HIC) must be installed within a controller canister. The EF600 controller includes host ports on the optional HIC. Host ports that are built into the HIC are called HIC ports.

Host port protocol

You can convert the protocol of a host to a different protocol so that compatibility and communication can be established.

Power supplies

A power supply provides a redundant power source in a controller shelf.

SAS expansion cards

A SAS expansion card may be installed within a controller canister. The EF300 controller supports SAS expansion.