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TR-4893: SANtricity Remote Storage Volumes

TR-4839: SANtricity Synchronous and Asynchronous Mirroring

TR-4747: SANtricity Snapshot Feature Overview and Deployment Guide

Describes the solution architecture and how to use the E-Series storage system to import data from an existing remote storage device.

Describes the SANtricity Synchronous and Asynchronous Mirroring feature.

Describes the SANtricity Snapshot feature including GUI navigation instructions using SANtricity System Manager.

TR-4652: SANtricity Dynamic Disk Pools

TR-4737: SANtricity Automatic Load Balancing

TR-4736: SANtricity Web Services API

Describes how storage administrators can group sets of like disks into a pool topology where all the drives in the pool participate in the I/O workflow.

Describes an overview of the behavior of the ALB feature, its key configuration parameters, and its host interoperability enhancements.

Describes an overview of SANtricity Web Services, an API used for configuring and managing E-Series storage systems.