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E-Series Systems

Upgrade controllers overview

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You can upgrade your storage array through the replacement of existing controllers.

Controller components

A controller consists of a board, firmware, and software. It controls the drives, and also implements the management software functions.

When to use this procedure

You typically use this procedure when you want to upgrade all controllers to a different model or platform. This procedure involves replacing all controllers in a controller-drive tray.

You might also use this procedure in the following situations:

  • When all controllers in a controller-drive tray encounter hardware failures and are no longer functional.

  • To upgrade the dual inline memory modules (DIMMs) in your controller-drive tray by replacing both controllers with the same model of controllers, but with different DIMMs.

Note The HIC upgrade scenarios are not covered within this procedure. Instead, refer to the HIC add, upgrade and replacement procedures for your E-Series system.