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E-Series Systems

Prepare for installation

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Learn how to prepare to install your E5724, EF570, EF280, E2812, E2824, DE212C, or DE224C series storage system.

  1. Create an account and register your hardware at NetApp Support.

  2. Ensure that the following items are in the box that you received.

    trafford overview

    Shelf with drives installed (bezel packaged separately)

    superrails inst hw e2800 e5700

    Rack-mount hardware

    The following table identifies the types of cables you might receive. If you receive a cable not listed in the table, see Hardware Universe to locate the cable and identify its use.

    Connector type Cable type Use

    cable ethernet inst hw e2800 e5700

    Ethernet cables

    (if ordered)

    Management connection

    cable io inst hw e2800 e5700

    I/O cables

    (if ordered)

    Cabling the data hosts

    cable power inst hw e2800 e5700

    Power cables

    (if ordered)

    Powering up the storage system

    sas cable

    SAS cables included only with the drive shelves

    SAS cables

  3. Ensure that you provide the following items.

    screwdriver inst hw e2800 e5700

    Phillips #2 screwdriver

    flashlight inst hw e2800 e5700


    wrist strap inst hw e2800 e5700

    ESD strap

    2u rackspace inst hw e2800 e5700

    2U rack space: A standard 19 in. (48.30 cm) rack to fit 2U shelves of the following dimensions.

    Depth: 19.0 in. (48.3 cm)

    Width: 17.6 in. (44.7 cm)

    Height: 3.34 in. (8.48 cm)

    Shelf: 24-drive

    Max Weight: 60.5 lb (27.4 kg)

    management station inst hw e2800 e5700 g60b3

    A supported browser for the management software:

    • Google Chrome (version 89 and later)

    • Microsoft Edge (version 90 and later)

    • Mozilla Firefox (version 80 and later)

    • Safari (version 14 and later)