Install new drive drawer (60-drive)

You install a new drive drawer to replace the failed one. Installing a drive drawer into a drive tray entails sliding the drawer into the empty slot, installing the drives, and replacing the front bezel.

Before you begin


  1. From the front of the drive shelf, shine a flashlight into the empty drawer slot, and locate the lock-out tumbler for that slot.

    The lock-out tumbler assembly is a safety feature that prevents you from being able to open more than one drive drawer at one time.

    Lock-out tumbler Drawer guide

  2. Position the replacement drive drawer in front of the empty slot and slightly to the right of center.
    Positioning the drawer slightly to the right of center helps to ensure that the lock-out tumbler and the drawer guide are correctly engaged.
  3. Slide the drive drawer into the slot, and ensure that the drawer guide slides under the lock-out tumbler.
    Attention: Risk of equipment damage – Damage occurs if the drawer guide does not slide under the lock-out tumbler.
  4. Carefully push the drive drawer all the way in until the latch fully engages.

    Experiencing a higher level of resistance is normal when pushing the drawer closed for the first time.

    Attention: Risk of equipment damage — Stop pushing the drive drawer if you feel binding. Use the release levers at the front of the drawer to slide the drawer back out. Then, reinsert the drawer into the slot, ensure the tumbler is above the rail, and the rails are aligned correctly.

After you finish

Go to Attach cable chains.