Reconfigure a SAS-2 system behind a new SAS-3 controller shelf without data preservation

You can convert the controller shelf in an approved SAS-2 array (E2700, E550/EF5500, E5600/EF560) to a drive shelf and then place that shelf and any associated approved SAS-2 drive shelves (DE1600, DE5600, DE6600) behind a new approved SAS-3 array (E2800, E5700/EF570) and approved SAS-3 drive shelves (DE212C, DE224C, DE460C) without data preservation.

About this task

Due to the complexity of this procedure, the following is required:
  • This procedure requires an FPVR. To file an FPVR contact NetApp Professional Services.
    Note: Failure to aquire an FPVR before attempting this procedure can result in drive failure and controller lock down.
  • If you are able to back up your data, you can perform this procedure without assistance from NetApp Professional Services.
  • If you cannot back up your data, contact NetApp Professional Services for assistance with this procedure.
  • Make sure both of your arrays are prepared for the procedure:
    • Existing array: Existing array with SANtricity OS 8.25 or later that is powered up.
    • New array: New array unpacked and powered down.
  • Record the serial number from the SAS-2 controller shelf that you will be converting to a drive shelf.