Internal key management

Follow these steps for internal key management when all drives are locked.

Before you begin

Note: The newly swapped controllers will lock down with seven-segment display code of L5. This lock down occurs when no drives in the storage array are able to perform autocode synchronization (ACS). ACS resumes and updates the new controllers after the security key is imported.
Note: If you are not using management port 1, try with other default IP addresses:

Ctrl A port 1:

Ctrl A port 2:

Ctrl B port 1:

Ctrl B port 2:


  1. Install the SANtricity client to a laptop or PC to be used in step 2 to connect directly to the array controller.
  2. Connect the laptop or PC to controller A management port 1 directly via an RJ45 ethernet cable. This step might also require the laptop IP address be set to the same subnet.
  3. Import the internal key to IP address with username ‘admin’ and the password blank with the security key saved from the "Prepare to upgrade controllers" section. For information about using this command, see the Command Line Reference.
    Example: SMcli -u admin -c "import storageArray securityKey file=\"Directory&FileName\" passPhrase=\"passPhraseString\";"


Controllers will continue with the autocode synchronization process from the drives and reboot. After reboot the controllers will be accessible through the original IP configuration.