Step 2: Install new controller canister

You install the new controller canister into the controller shelf.


  1. Slide the new controller canister all the way into the controller-drive tray. Rotate the release levers towards the center of the controller canister to lock it into place.
  2. If your new controller canister has a Fibre Channel HIC or an InfiniBand HIC, install the SFP+ transceivers (Fibre Channel) or QSFP+ transceiver (InfiniBand) into the controller canister.

    Depending on the HICs involved in your upgrade, you might be able to reuse SFP+ transceiver or QSFP+ transceivers that you removed from your old controller canister.

  3. Reconnect all of the cables between the controller-drive tray and the drive trays.

    If the drive cabling configuration is the same as it was with your old controllers, use the labels that you attached to the cables to reconnect the cables correctly.

    Note: If you are upgrading to E2700 controllers from an earlier model, the drive cabling configuration might be different from the configuration used for the old controllers.

After you finish

Go to Complete controller upgrade.