Cabinet features

The model 3040 40U cabinet has these standard features:

The following figures show a front view (left) and a rear view (right) of the cabinet.

1. Ventilation cover
2. Interface cable access openings
3. Rear plate
4. EIA support rails
5. Vertical support rails
6. Cabinet mounting rails
7. Stability foot
8. Adjustable leveling feet
9. Power distribution unit (one of two)
10. AC power entry boxes
11. Front of the cabinet
12. Rear of the cabinet
Warning: Risk of bodily injury – If the bottom half of the cabinet is empty, do not install components in the top half of the cabinet. If the top half of the cabinet is too heavy for the bottom half, the cabinet might fall and cause bodily injury. Always install a component in the lowest available position in the cabinet.
Warning: Risk of bodily injury – Only move a populated cabinet with a forklift or adequate help from other persons. Always push the cabinet from the front to prevent it from falling over. A fully populated cabinet can weigh more than 2000 lb (909 kg). The cabinet is difficult to move, even on a flat surface. If you must move the cabinet along an inclined surface, remove the components from the top half of the cabinet, and make sure that you have adequate help.
Note: You cannot install E2860 or E5760 controller shelves or a DE460C drive shelf into a 3040 40U cabinet.
Note: If a 3040 cabinet is fully populated with DE6600 trays, it weighs more than 2756 lb (1250.1 kg).