S3 Account Settings

You can modify existing S3 settings for the SANtricity Cloud Connector application in the S3 Account Settings window.

About this task

When modifying the URL or S3 Bucket Label settings, be aware that access to any existing backups configured through the SANtricity Cloud Connector will be affected.


  1. In the left toolbar, click Settings > Configuration.
    The Settings - Configuration page is displayed.
  2. Click View/Edit Settings for S3 Account Settings.
    The S3 Account Settings page is displayed.
  3. In the URL file, enter the URL for the S3 cloud service.
  4. In the Access Key ID field, enter the access ID for the S3 target.
  5. In the Secret Access Key field, enter the access key for the S3 target.
  6. In the S3 Bucket Name field, enter the bucket name for the S3 target.
  7. Select the Use Path Style Access check box if needed.
  8. Click Test Connection to verify the connection for the entered S3 credentials.
  9. Click Save to apply the modifications.
    The modified S3 account settings are applied.