Power supply overview

Each 12-drive or 24-drive controller shelf or drive shelf includes two power supplies with integrated fans. These are referred to as power-fan canisters in SANtricity System Manager. If a power-fan canister fails, you must replace it as soon as possible to ensure that the shelf has a redundant power source and adequate cooling.

You replace a power supply in the following shelves:

The following figure shows an example E2812 controller shelf, E2824 controller shelf, and EF280 flash array with two power supplies (power-fan canisters). The DE212C and DE224C drive shelves are identical, but they include I/O modules (IOMs) instead of controller canisters.

Controller shelf with two power supplies (power-fan canisters) below the controller canisters.

The Replace power supply topics do not describe how to replace a failed power-fan canister in a DE1600 or DE5600 drive tray, which might be connected to the E5700 or E2800 controller shelves. For instructions for those drive tray models, refer to Replacing a Power-Fan Canister in the DE1600 Drive Tray or the DE5600 Drive Tray, available from the NetApp E-Series and SANtricity 11 Documentation Center.