Verify the new controller's part number

You confirm that the new controller has the same part number as the currently installed controller.


  1. Unpack the new controller canister, and set it on a flat, static-free surface.
  2. Locate the MAC address and FRU part number labels on the back of the controller canister.

    MAC address: The MAC address for management port 1 (“P1”). If you used DHCP to obtain the original controller's IP address, you will need this address to connect to the new controller.

    FRU part number: This number must match the replacement part number for the currently installed controller.

  3. From SANtricity System Manager, locate the replacement part number for the installed controller canister.
    1. Select Hardware.
    2. Locate the controller shelf, which is marked with the controller icon .
    3. Click the controller icon.
    4. Select the controller, and click Next.
    5. On the Base tab, make a note of the Replacement Part Number for the controller.
  4. Confirm that the replacement part number for the installed controller is the same as the FRU part number for the new controller.
    Attention: Possible loss of data access – If the two part numbers are not the same, do not attempt this procedure. In addition, if the original controller canister includes a host interface card (HIC), you must install an identical HIC into the new controller canister. The presence of mismatched controllers or HICs will cause the new controller to lock down when you bring it online.

After you finish

Go to Install host interface card.