Install the hardware

You install your storage system in a two-post rack or a NetApp system cabinet, as applicable.

Before you begin


  1. Unpack the hardware.
    1. Unpack the contents and inventory the contained hardware against the packing slip.
    2. Before proceeding, read through all the instructions.
  2. Before installing the hardware, ensure that you have an ESD wristband or that you have taken other antistatic precautions.
  3. Install the rails.
    Note: To prevent the equipment from toppling over, install the hardware from the bottom of the rack or cabinet up to the top.

    If instructions were included with your rack-mounting hardware, refer to them for detailed information on how to install the rails.

    Note: For online instructions for installing SuperRails, see AFF and FAS System Documentation Center.
  4. Install the shelf.
    1. If you are installing multiple shelves, begin installing from the bottom to the top of the cabinet. Position the back of the shelf onto the rails.

      When installing the shelf, use a team-lift with two people.
    2. Supporting the shelf from the bottom, slide it into the cabinet.
  5. Secure the shelf.

    For more information, see the instructions for the rack-mounting hardware.

  6. Install the faceplate.
    1. Align the faceplate with the shelf, and snap into place.