Gather required tools and equipment

Before installing the 3040 40U cabinet, make sure you have required tools and equipment.


  1. Gather all items listed in the following table.
      Item Included with the cabinet

    3/4-in. wrench (supplied in the shipping crate) – To raise and lower the leveling feet under the cabinet.

    1/4-in. Allen wrench – To raise and lower the stability foot in the front of the cabinet.

    NEMA L6-30

    AC power cords – To connect the cabinet to external power sources (wall plugs).
    • The NEMA L6-30 connectors are for use in the USA and Canada.
    • The IEC-60309 connectors are for use worldwide, except for USA and Canada.
    Note: Each PDU must be connected to an independent power source.


    SAS cables (optional) – Two cables are included with each drive tray, while host side cables must be purchased separately.

    Communication cables (optional) – To attach the tray to the host.

    Refer to the appropriate controller-drive tray installation guide for additional required items.


    Mountable cable spools – Installed along both sides of the vertical power distribution outlets to accommodate excess cable length and cable routing. Two cable spools are included with each controller-drive tray. Cable spools are also shipped with standalone drive trays.


    Shears – To cut the metal bands on the shipping crate.


    Forklift (optional) – To remove the cabinet from the shipping pallet.


    Front panel kits (optional) – To cover the empty bays at the front of the cabinet.


    Antistatic bags (optional) – To protect components that are removed during the installation procedure for the cabinet.


After you finish

Go to Prepare to move cabinet.