Configure subnet manager

Using an InfiniBand switch to run subnet manager might cause unexpected path loss during high loads. To avoid path loss, configure the subnet manager on one or more of your hosts using opensm.


  1. Install the opensm package on any hosts that will be running the subnet manager.
  2. Start and enable the opensm service.
  3. Use the ibstat -p command to find GUID0 and GUID1 of the HBA ports. For example:
    # ibstat -p
  4. Start two instances of the subnet manager, one for each subnet, by adding the following commands to /etc/rc.d/after.local for SUSE or etc/rc.d/rc.local for Redhat. Substitute the values you found in the last step for GUID0 and GUID1. For P0 and P1, use the subnet manager priorities, with 1 being the lowest and 15 the highest:
     opensm -B -g GUID0 -p P0 -f /var/log/opensm-ib0.log
     opensm -B -g GUID1 -p P1 -f /var/log/opensm-ib1.log