Managing Reports

You can customize a report’s output format and delivery, set report properties or schedules, and email reports.

Note The Reporting feature is available in Cloud Insights Premium Edition.

Customizing a report’s output format and delivery

You can customize the format and delivery method of reports.

  1. In the Cloud Insights Reporting Portal, Go to Menu > Content > My Content/Team Content. Mouse over the report you want to customize and open the "three dots" menu.

Report Output and Delivery

  1. Click Properties > Schedule

  1. You can set the following options:

    • Schedule when you want reports to run.

    • Choose Options for report format and delivery (Save, Print, Email) and Languages for the report.

  2. Click Save to produce the report using the selections you made.

Copying a report to the clipboard

Use this process to copy a report to the clipboard.

  1. Select a report to copy from (Menu > Content > My Content or Team Content)

  2. Choose Edit report from the report’s drop-down menu

    Editing a Report

  3. In the upper-right of the screen, open the "three dots" menu next to "Properties".

  4. Select Copy Report to Clipboard.

    Copying a report to the clipboard

Opening reports from the clipboard

You can open a report specification that was previously copied to the clipboard.

About this task
Start by creating a new report or opening an existing report that you wish to replace with the copied report. The steps below are for a new report.

  1. Select Menu > +New > Report and create a blank report.

  2. In the upper-right of the screen, open the "three dots" menu next to "Properties".

  3. Select Open Report from Clipboard.

Opening a report from the clipboard

  1. Paste the copied code into the window and select OK.

  2. Select the floppy disk icon to save the report.

  3. Choose where to save the report (My Content, Team Content, or create a new folder).

  4. Give the new report a meaningful name and select Save.


Here you will find suggestions for troubleshooting problems with Reporting.


Try this:

When scheduling a report to be sent via email, the name of the user logged in is pre-populated to the email’s “To” field. However, the name is in the form of "firstname lastname" (first name, space, last name). Since this is not a valid email address, the email will fail to send when the scheduled report is run.

When scheduling the report to be sent via email, clear the pre-populated name and enter a valid, properly-formatted email address in the “To” field.