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SnapManager Oracle

Using SnapManager for Oracle to create a protected backup


When creating a backup for this example, the DBA selects to create a full backup, sets backup options, and selects protection to secondary storage. Although the backup is initially made on local storage, because this backup is based on a protection-enabled profile, the backup is then transferred to secondary storage according to the protection policy's schedule as defined in Protection Manager.

  1. Go to the SnapManager for Oracle client.

  2. From the SnapManager Repository tree, right-click the profile containing the database that you want to back up, and select Backup.

    The SnapManager for Oracle Backup Wizard starts.

  3. Enter Production_payroll as the label.

  4. Enter Production payroll Jan 19 backup as the comment.

  5. Select Auto as the type of backup that you want to create.

    This allows SnapManager to determine whether to perform an online or offline backup.

  6. Select Daily or Weekly as the frequency of the backup.

  7. To confirm that the backup is in a valid format for Oracle, check the box next to Verify backup.

    This operation uses Oracle DBVerify to check the block format and structure.

  8. To force the state of the database into the appropriate mode (for example, from open to mounted), select Allow startup or shutdown of database, if necessary, and click Next.

  9. In the Database, Tablespaces, or Datafiles to Backup page, select Full Backup and click Next.

  10. To protect the backup on secondary storage, check Protect the Backup and click Next.

  11. In the Perform Operation page, verify the information you supplied and click Backup.

  12. In the progress page, view the progress and results of the backup creation.

  13. To view the details of the operation, click Operation Details.