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SnapManager Oracle

Cloning database backup

Contributors NetAppZacharyWambold

If you clone a database, you can perform tasks such as test an upgrade to a database without affecting the database in production, duplicate a master installation to several training systems, or duplicate a master installation as a base installation to other servers, which have similar requirements.

You can perform the following tasks related to cloning:

  • Clone a database from an existing backup.

  • Clone a database in its current state, which enables you to create the backup and the clone in one procedure.

  • Clone a database and use custom plug-in scripts, which run before or after the clone operation.

  • Clone a database to the same host on which the database resides.

  • Clone a database by using archive log files from the external archive log location.

  • Clone a database to an alternate host.

  • View a list of clones.

  • View detailed clone information.

  • Delete clones.