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SnapManager Oracle

Using Protection Manager to configure a secondary backup protection policy


After configuring the backup schedule, the storage administrator configures a protected backup storage policy in which that schedule is to be included.

Before configuring the protection policy, the storage administrator confers with the DBA partner for the following information:

  • Retention duration to specify for secondary storage

  • Type of secondary storage protection required

The protection policy that is created, can be listed in SnapManager for Oracle by the DBA partner and assigned to a database profile for the data to be protected.

  1. Go to Protection Manager's NetApp Management Console.

  2. From the menu bar, click Policies > Protection > Overview.

    The Overview tab on the Protection Policies window is displayed.

  3. Click Add Policy to start the Add Protection Policy wizard.

  4. Complete the wizard with the following steps:

    1. Specify a descriptive policy name.

      For this example, enter TechCo Payroll Data: Backup and a description, then click Next.

    2. Select a base policy.

      For this example, select Back up and click Next.

    3. In the Primary Data node policy property sheet, accept the default settings and click Next.

      Note In this example, the local backup schedule that was configured in SnapManager is applied. Any local backup schedule that is specified using this method is ignored.
    4. In the Primary Data to Backup connection property sheet, select a backup schedule.

      For this example, select Payroll Saturday at 1 AM plus daily at 7 PM as your backup schedule, then click Next.

      In this example, the schedule that you selected includes both the weekly and daily schedules that you configured earlier.

    5. In the Backup policy property sheet, specify the name for the backup node and the retention times for Daily, Weekly, or Monthly backups.

      For this example, specify a Daily backup retention of 10 days and a Weekly backup retention of 52 weeks. After you complete each property sheet, click Next.

      After all property sheets are completed, the Add Protection Policy wizard displays a summary sheet for the protection policy that you want to create.

  5. Click Finish to save your changes.

The TechCo Payroll Data: Backup protection policy is listed among the other policies configured for Protection Manager.

The DBA partner can now use SnapManager for Oracle to list and assign this policy when creating the database profile for the data to be protected.