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SnapManager Oracle

The smo protection-policy command


You can run the protection-policy command to list the protection policies that can be applied to a profile. The protection policy can be applied when a new profile is created or an existing profile is updated. You can also set the protection policy for the profile using the Protection Manager console.


        smo protection-policy list
Note The Protection Manager and SnapDrive must be installed on the server for you to use this command.


  • list

    Displays the list of protection policies that can be set on a profile.


The following example lists the protection policies that can be set to a profile:

 smo protection-policy list
Back up
Back up, then mirror
Chain of two mirrors
DR Back up
DR Back up, then mirror
DR Mirror
DR Mirror and back up
DR Mirror and mirror
DR Mirror, then back up
DR Mirror, then mirror
Local backups only
Mirror and back up
Mirror to two destinations
Mirror, then back up
No protection
Partial-volume Mirror
Remote backups only

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