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SnapManager Oracle

Cloning databases and using custom plug-in scripts

Contributors NetAppZacharyWambold

SnapManager provides a method for using your custom scripts before and after a clone operation occurs. For example, you might have created a custom script that validates a clone database SID and ensures the SID is allowed by your naming policy. Using the SnapManager clone plug-in, you can include your custom scripts and have them run automatically before or after a SnapManager clone operation.

  1. View sample plug-in scripts.

  2. Create a script from scratch or modify one of the sample plug-in scripts.

    Create your custom script according to SnapManager plug-in script guidelines.

  3. Place your custom script in a specified directory location.

  4. Update the clone specification XML file and include information about your custom script that should be used during the cloning process.

  5. Using a SnapManager command, verify that the custom scripts are operational.

  6. When you initiate the clone operation, include the script name and optional parameters.