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SnapManager Oracle

Installing SnapManager


You must install SnapManager on each host where the database you want to backup is running.

You must have installed SnapDrive for UNIX on the database host and established a connection to the storage system.

For information about how to install SnapDrive and establish connection to storage system, see SnapDrive for UNIX documentation.

You must install one SnapManager instance per database host. If you are using a Real Application Cluster (RAC) database and want to back up the RAC database, you must install SnapManager on all the hosts of the RAC database.

  1. Download the SnapManager for Oracle install package for UNIX from the NetApp Support Siteand copy it to the host system.

  2. Log in to the database host as the root user.

  3. From the command prompt, navigate to the directory where you copied the install package.

  4. Make the install package executable: chmod 755install_package.bin

  5. Install SnapManager: './install_package.bin'

  6. Press Enter to continue.

  7. Perform the following steps:

    1. Press Enter to accept the default value for operating system group.

      The default value for the group is dba.

    2. Press Enter to accept the default value for the startup type.

    The configuration summary is displayed.

  8. Review the configuration summary and press Enter to continue.

    SnapManager is installed at

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