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SnapManager Oracle

How to collect dump files

Contributors NetAppZacharyWambold

You can include -dump in the SnapManager command to collect the dump files after a successful or failed SnapManager operation.

You can collect dump files for the following SnapManager operations:

  • Creating profiles

  • Updating profiles

  • Creating backups

  • Verifying backups

  • Deleting backups

  • Freeing backups

  • Mounting backups

  • Unmounting backups

  • Restoring backups

  • Creating clones

  • Deleting clones

Note When you create a profile, you can collect dump files only if the operation is successful. If you encounter an error while creating a profile, you must use the smosystem dump command. For successful profiles, you can use the smooperation dump and smoprofile dump commands to collect the dump files.


      smo  backup create -profile targetdb1_prof1 -auto -full -online -dump