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SnapManager Oracle

Restore backups from an alternate location overview

Contributors NetAppZacharyWambold

To restore a database backup from an alternate location, use the following major steps, each of which is further described in this section.

  • Do one of the following, depending on your database layout and what needs to be restored:

    • Restore the required data files from tape, SnapVault, SnapMirror, or any other media to any file system mounted on the database host.

    • Restore the required file system and mount it on the database host.

    • Connect to the required raw devices that exist in the local host.

  • Create a restore specification Extensible Markup Language (XML) file that includes the mappings that SnapManager requires to restore from the alternate location to the original location. Save the file in a location that SnapManager can access.

  • Use SnapManager to restore and recover the data using the restore specification XML file.