Accessing the SnapManager user interface

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You can access the SnapManager user interface (UI) remotely by using a web browser from any system running on an operating system supported by SnapManager. You can also access the SnapManager UI from the target database host by running the smogui command.

  • You must ensure that SnapManager is running.

  • You must ensure that the supported operating system and Java are installed on the system where you want to access the SnapManager UI.

    For information about the supported operating system and Java, see the Interoperability Matrix tool.

    1. In the web browser window, enter the following:

      • server_name is the name of the target database host where SnapManager is installed.

        You can also enter the IP address of the target database host.

      • port_number is the port on which SnapManager is running.

        The default value is 27214.

    2. Click the link.

      The UI is displayed.