Using SnapManager for Oracle to confirm backup protection


Using SnapManager for Oracle, you can view a list of backups associated with a profile, determine whether the backups were enabled for protection, and view the retention class (daily or weekly, in this example).

At first, the new backup in this example shows as scheduled for protection, but not yet protected (in the SnapManager graphical user interface and in the backup show command output). After the storage administrator ensures that the backup has been copied to secondary storage, SnapManager changes the backup protection state from "Not protected" to "Protected" in both the graphical user interface and with the backup list command.

  1. Go to the SnapManager for Oracle client.

  2. In the SnapManager Repository tree, expand the profile to display its backups.

  3. Click the Backups/Clones tab.

  4. In the Reports pane, select Backup Details.

  5. View the Protection column and ensure that the status is "Protected."