Creating an Oracle user for the target database

You need to create an Oracle user with the sysdba role that connects to the database and performs database operations.

SnapManager can use any Oracle user with sysdba privileges that exists in the target database, for example, the default "sys" user. You can also create a user in the target database to be used exclusively by SnapManager.

  1. Log in to SQL *Plus.

    At the command prompt, enter the following command: sqlplus '/ as sysdba'

  2. To create a user, for example smo_oper with the administrator password, for example, adminpw1, enter the following command at the SQL prompt: SQL> create user smo_oper identified by adminpw1;

  3. Grant sysdba privileges to the Oracle user by entering the following command: SQL> grant sysdba to smo_oper;