Battery overview

Each controller canister includes a battery that preserves cached data if the AC power fails. To protect your data, you must replace a failed battery as soon as possible.

Recovery Guru alerts

If the Recovery Guru in SANtricity System Manager reports one of following statuses, you must replace the affected battery:
  • Battery Failed
  • Battery Replacement Required

From SANtricity System Manager, review the details in the Recovery Guru to confirm that there is an issue with a battery and to ensure no other items must be addressed first.

Duplex or simplex configuration

The steps to replace a battery depend on whether you have one or two controllers, as follows:

If your storage array has... You must...
Two controllers (duplex)
  1. Take controller offline.
  2. Remove the controller canister.
  3. Replace the battery.
  4. Replace the controller canister.
  5. Bring the controller online.
One controller (simplex)
  1. Stop host I/O operations.
  2. Power down the controller shelf.
  3. Remove the controller canister.
  4. Replace the battery.
  5. Replace the controller canister.
  6. Apply power to the controller shelf.