Complete controller replacement (simplex)

You complete the controller replacement by powering on the controller shelf and confirming that it is working correctly. Then, you can collect support data and resume operations.

Before you begin

About this task

If all drives in your storage array are security enabled, you must use the Enterprise Management Window (EMW) in SANtricity Storage Manager to unlock the secured drives. You cannot access the storage array until you unlock the drives with the saved key.


  1. Turn on the two power switches at the back of the controller shelf.
    • Do not turn off the power switches during the power-on process, which typically takes 90 seconds or less to complete.
    • The fans in each shelf are very loud when they first start up. The loud noise during start-up is normal.
  2. As the controller boots, check the controller LEDs and seven-segment display.
    • The seven-segment display shows the repeating sequence OS, Sd, blank to indicate that the controller is performing Start-of-day (SOD) processing. After a controller has successfully booted up, its seven-segment display should show the tray ID.
    • The amber Attention LED on the controller turns on and then turns off, unless there is an error.
    • The green Host Link LEDs turn on.
      Note: The figure shows an example controller canister. Your controller might have a different number and a different type of host ports.

    Attention LED (amber) Seven-segment display Host Link LEDs

  3. If any of the controller shelf’s Attention LEDs remain on, check that the controller canister has been installed correctly and that all cables are correctly seated. Reinstall the controller canister, if necessary.
    Note: If you cannot resolve the problem, contact technical support.
  4. If the storage array has secured drives, import the drive security key; otherwise, go to the next step.
    1. Open the Enterprise Management Window (EMW) in SANtricity Storage Manager on your local host.
    2. From the EMW, access the new controller.
      • If you have a DHCP server, you must associate the MAC address on the label for the replacement controller with the DNS/network and IP address for the controller you removed.
      • If you use static IP addressing, you must set the IP address for the new controller.
    3. Select the storage array, and then select Tools > Execute Script.
    4. Type the following command in the text box to import the security key:
      storageArray securityKey file="C:/file.slk"
      • C:/file.slk represents the directory location and name of your drive security key
      • passPhrase is the pass phrase needed to unlock the file

      After the security key has been imported, the controller reboots, and the new controller adopts the saved settings for the storage array.

    1. Select Settings > System.
    2. In the Security key management section, select Create/Change Key to create a new security key.
    3. Select Unlock Secure Drives to import the security key you saved.
    4. Run the set allDrives nativeState SMcli command.
    5. Reset the controller using SANtricity System Manager.
    6. Wait for the controller to boot up.
    7. Go to the next step to confirm that the new controller is Optimal.
  5. From SANtricity System Manager, confirm that the new controller is Optimal.
    1. Select Hardware.
    2. For the controller shelf, select Show back of shelf.
    3. Select the controller canister you replaced.
    4. Select View settings.
    5. Confirm that the controller's Status is Optimal.
    6. If the status is not Optimal, highlight the controller, and select Place Online.
  6. Collect support data for your storage array using SANtricity System Manager.
    1. Select Support > Support Center > Diagnostics.
    2. Select Collect Support Data.
    3. Click Collect.

    The file is saved in the Downloads folder for your browser with the name support-data.7z.


Your controller replacement is complete. You can resume normal operations.