Install new DIMMs

You install a new DIMM to replace the DIMM previously installed in the controller.

Before you begin


  1. Hold the DIMM by the corners, and align it to the slot.
    The notch among the pins on the DIMM should line up with the tab in the socket.
  2. Insert the DIMM squarely into the slot.
    The DIMM fits tightly in the slot, but should go in easily. If not, realign the DIMM with the slot and reinsert it.
    Note: Visually inspect the DIMM to verify that it is evenly aligned and fully inserted into the slot.
  3. Push carefully, but firmly, on the top edge of the DIMM until the latches snap into place over the notches at the ends of the DIMM.
    Note: DIMMs fit tightly. You might need to gently press on one side at a time and secure with each tab individually.

After you finish

Go to Reinstall controller canister.