Place controller online (duplex)

Place the controller online to confirm the storage array is working correctly. Then, you can collect support data and resume operations.

About this task

Perform this task only if your storage array has two controllers.


  1. As the controller boots, check the controller LEDs and the seven-segment display.
    Note: The figure shows an example controller canister. Your controller might have a different number and a different type of host ports.
    When communication with the other controller is reestablished:
    • The seven-segment display shows the repeating sequence OS, OL, blank to indicate that the controller is offline.
    • The amber Attention LED remains lit.
    • The Host Link LEDs might be on, blinking, or off, depending on the host interface.

    Host Link LEDsAttention LED (Amber) Seven-segment display

  2. Bring the controller online using either SANtricity System Manager or the Enterprise Management Window's (EMW) script editor:
      1. Select Hardware.
      2. If the graphic shows the drives, select Show back of shelf.
      3. Select the controller you want to place online.
      4. Select Place Online from the context menu, and confirm that you want to perform the operation.

      The system places the controller online.

      1. Open the Enterprise Management Window (EMW) in SANtricity Storage Manager on your local host.
      2. Select the storage array.
      3. Select Tools > Execute Script.
      4. Type one of the following commands in the text box.
        For controller A: set controller [a] availability=online;
        For controller B: set controller [b] availability=online;
      5. Select Tools > Verify and Execute.
  3. When the controller is back online, confirm that its status is Optimal, and check the controller shelf’s Attention LEDs.

    If the status is not Optimal or if any of the Attention LEDs are on, confirm that all cables are correctly seated, and check that the battery and the controller canister are installed correctly. If necessary, remove and reinstall the controller canister and the battery.

    Note: If you cannot resolve the problem, contact technical support.
  4. Collect support data for your storage array using SANtricity System Manager.
    1. Select Support > Support Center > Diagnostics.
    2. Select Collect Support Data.
    3. Click Collect.

    The file is saved in the Downloads folder for your browser with the name support-data.7z.


Your battery replacement is complete. You can resume normal operations.