Step 3: Validate controller software version

You must sure that your new controllers are running with the correct operating system (controller firmware) level and NVSRAM.


  1. Do one of the following:
    • If you are upgrading to controllers that do not support SANtricity 11.30 and controller firmware 8.30, make sure that the version running on the new controllers matches the version that was last running on the original controllers. Normally, this will be the most recent release supported by the old controllers. If necessary, install the appropriate version on the new controllers.
    • If you are upgrading to controllers that run SANtricity 11.30 and controller firmware 8.30, download and install the latest NVSRAM after you power on the new controllers.
  2. If your controller upgrade involves a protocol change (for example, Fibre Channel to iSCSI), and you already have hosts defined for your storage array, associate the new host ports with your hosts:
    1. From System Manager, select Storage > Host.
    2. Select the host to which the ports will be associated, and then click View/Edit Settings.
      A dialog box appears that shows the current host settings.
    3. Click the Host Ports tab.
      The dialog box shows the current host port identifiers.
    4. To update the host port identifier information associated with each host, replace the host port IDs from the old host adapters with the new host port IDs for the new host adapter.
    5. Repeat step d for each host.
    6. Click Save.

    For information about compatible hardware, refer to the NetApp Interoperability Matrix and the NetApp Hardware Universe.

  3. Enable Write Back Caching for all thin volumes if it had been disabled in preparing for the headswap.
  4. Enable SAML for the controller replacements if disabled in preparing for the headswap.
    1. From System Manager, select the SAML tab, and then select the Enable SAML link.
      The Confirm Enable SAML dialog opens.
    2. Type enable, and then click Enable.
    3. Enter user credentials for an SSO login test.
  5. Gather support data about your storage array by using either the GUI or the CLI:
    • Use either System Manager or the Array Management Window to collect and save a support bundle of your storage array.
      • From the System Manager, first select Support > Support Center > Diagnostics tab. Then select Collect Support Data and click Collect.
      • From the Array Management Window toolbar, select Monitor > Health > Collect Support Data Manually. Then name and specify a location on your system where you want to store the support bundle.

      The file is saved in the Downloads folder for your browser with the name support-data.7z.

      If your shelf contains drawers, the diagnostics data for that shelf is archived in a separate zipped file named tray-componet-state-capture.7z

    • Use the CLI to run the save storageArray supportData command to gather comprehensive support data about the storage array.
    Note: Gathering support data can temporarily impact performance on your storage array.
  6. Alert NetApp Technical Support to the changes that you made to the configuration of your storage array.
    1. Get the serial number of the controller-drive tray that you recorded in Prepare to upgrade controllers.
    2. Log in to the NetApp support site at
    3. Select Product Registration from the drop-down list under Category 1.
    4. Enter the following text in the Comments text box, substituting the serial number of your controller-drive tray for serial number:

      Please create alert against Serial Number: serial number. The alert name should be “E-Series Upgrade”. The alert text should read as follows:

      “Attention: The controllers in this system have been upgraded from the original configuration. Verify the controller configuration before ordering replacement controllers and notify dispatch that the system has been upgraded.”

    5. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the form.

After you finish

If your controller upgrade results in changing the vendor ID from LSI to NETAPP, go to Remount volumes after changing the vendor from LSI to NETAPP; otherwise your controller upgrade is complete and you can resume normal operations.