Maximum number of trays

The maximum number of trays that you can install in a 3040 40U cabinet depends on the height of each tray in rack units (U).

Tray heights in rack units (U)

Each rack unit is 1.75 inches (4.45 cm). For example, you can install up to ten 4U trays, up to twenty 2U trays, or a combination of 2U and 4U trays, up to 40U.

Tray Rack units (U)
E2x12 or E2x24 controller-drive tray 2U
E2x60 controller-drive tray 4U
E5x12 or E5x24 controller-drive tray 2U
E5x60 controller-drive tray 4U
EF5x0 Flash Array 2U
DE1600 drive tray 2U
DE5600 drive tray 2U
DE6600 drive tray 4U