Power requirements and heat dissipation

The cabinet includes the following specifications for power and heat dissipation.

Power rating

The 3040 40U cabinet is rated at 200 VAC to 240 VAC at 50 Hz to 60 Hz, and operates to ±10 percent of that range.

Power distribution units (PDUs)

The cabinet includes two identical AC power distribution units (PDUs), with each PDU providing up to 72A of usable power. The PDUs are mounted vertically at the back of the cabinet, and each PDU includes six 12A power banks. Each power bank contains four IEC 60320-C19 power outlets and a 15A circuit breaker. Each PDU has a total of 24 outlets and 6 circuit breakers.

Each of the two PDUs has three power entry boxes, which are located at the bottom of the cabinet. Each power entry box provides power to eight of the power outlets, as follows:
  • Power entry box 1, which has power cord C1, supplies power to the bottom eight outlets
  • Power entry box 2, which has power cord C2, supplies power to the middle eight outlets
  • Power entry box 3, which has power cord C3, supplies power to the top eight outlets

The power entry boxes are labeled C1, C2, and C3 where the power cords connect to the modules.

Power calculations and heat calculations for the cabinet

Component kVA Watts BTU/Hr
Cabinet PDU (72A PDUs) 14.4 14400 49176
Cabinet PDU/12A bank (72A PDUs) 2.40* 2400* 8196*
E2612 controller-drive tray 0.437 433 1476
E2624 controller-drive tray 0.487 482 1644
E2660 controller-drive tray 1.128 1117 3810
E2712 controller-drive tray 0.516 511 1744
E2724 controller-drive tray 0.561 555 1894
E2760 controller-drive tray 1.205 1193 4072
E5412 controller-drive tray 0.558 552 1883
E5424 controller-drive tray and the EF540 flash array 0.607 601 2051
E5460 controller-drive tray 1.254 1242 4237
E5512 controller-drive tray 0.587 581 1982
E5524 controller-drive tray and the EF550 flash array 0.637 630 2150
E5560 controller-drive tray 1.285 1272 4342
E5612 controller-drive tray 0.625 619 2111
E5624 controller-drive tray and the EF560 flash array 0.675 668 2279
E5660 controller-drive tray 1.325 1312 4477
DE1600 drive tray 0.325 322 1099
DE5600 drive tray 0.375 371 1267
DE6600 drive tray 0.1.011 1001 3415
* The maximum ratings at 200 VAC. The BTU calculation is based on the maximum current rating that the power distribution unit can provide.