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Cloud Insights

Cloud Insights is a part of BlueXP

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BlueXP allows you to manage all of your NetApp storage and data assets from a single interface. In BlueXP, you’ll find many new storage services, as well as data services previously only available as a stand-alone service with a separate UI. Cloud Insights is one of these services.

Note The BlueXP navigation menu integration is considered a Preview feature and is therefore subject to change.

Intuitive new menu
In BlueXP’s navigation menu, data services are organized by categories and are named according to their functionality. For example, the “Cloud Insights” feature set is found in the "Observability" menu. While you are exploring Cloud Insights, the "Observability" section appears at the top of the navigation menu. This is true for each BlueXP service as you explore.

the BlueXP nav menu

Note Throughout this documentation, the terms "Cloud Insights" and "Observability" may be used interchangeably.

Hover tooltips provide more information.

You can learn more about BlueXP on the BlueXP website.