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Solution infrastructure hardware and software components


The following tables list the hardware and software components, respectively, of the FlexPod infrastructure for the medical imaging system.

Layer Product family Quantity and model Details


Cisco UCS 5108 chassis

1 or 2

Based on the number of blades required to support the number of annual studies

Cisco UCS blade servers

B200 M5

Number of blades based on the number of studies annually
Each with 2 x 20 or more cores, 2.7GHz, and 128-384GB RAM

Cisco UCS Virtual Interface Card (VIC)

Cisco UCS 1440

See the

2 x Cisco UCS fabric interconnects

6454 or later


Cisco Nexus switches

2 x Cisco Nexus 3000 Series or 9000 Series

Storage network

IP network for storage access over SMB/CIFS, NFS, or iSCSI protocols

Same network switches as above

Storage access over FC

2 x Cisco MDS 9132T


NetApp AFF A400 all-flash storage system

1 or more HA pair

Cluster with two or more nodes

Disk shelf

1 or more DS224C or NS224 disk shelves

Fully populated with 24 drives


>24, 1.2TB or larger capacity

Software Product family Version or release Details

Enterprise medical imaging system

MS SQL or Oracle Database Server

As suggested by the medical imaging system vendor

No SQL DBs like MongoDB Server

As suggested by the medical imaging system vendor

Application Servers

As suggested by the medical imaging system vendor

Integration Server (MS Biztalk, MuleSoft, Rhapsody, Tibco)

As suggested by the medical imaging system vendor


Linux (64 bit)


Windows Server (64 bit)



ONTAP 9.7 or later


Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect

Cisco UCS Manager 4.1 or later

Cisco Ethernet switches

9.2(3)I7(2) or later

Cisco FC: Cisco MDS 9132T

8.4(2) or later



VMware vSphere ESXi 6.7 U2 or later


Hypervisor management system

VMware vCenter Server 6.7 U1 (vCSA) or later

NetApp Virtual Storage Console (VSC)

VSC 9.7 or later


SnapCenter 4.3 or later