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Red Hat OpenShift on AWS


A separate self-managed OpenShift Container Platform 4 cluster is deployed on AWS as a DR site. The master and worker nodes span across three availability zones for high availability.

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[ec2-user@ip-172-30-164-92 ~]$ oc get nodes
NAME                             STATUS   ROLES    AGE   VERSION
ip-172-30-164-128.ec2.internal   Ready    worker   29m   v1.22.8+f34b40c
ip-172-30-164-209.ec2.internal   Ready    master   36m   v1.22.8+f34b40c
ip-172-30-165-160.ec2.internal   Ready    master   33m   v1.22.8+f34b40c
ip-172-30-165-93.ec2.internal    Ready    worker   30m   v1.22.8+f34b40c
ip-172-30-166-162.ec2.internal   Ready    master   36m   v1.22.8+f34b40c
ip-172-30-166-51.ec2.internal    Ready    worker   28m   v1.22.8+f34b40c

OpenShift is deployed as a private cluster into an existing VPC on AWS. A private OpenShift Container Platform cluster does not expose external endpoints and is accessible from only an internal network and is not visible to the internet. A single-node NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP is deployed using NetApp Cloud Manager, which provides a storage backend to Astra Trident.

For more information about installing OpenShift on AWS, see OpenShift documentation.