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This section lists new features and functionality available for Cisco Intersight with NetApp ONTAP storage.

October 2021

  • Updated list of NetApp storage tasks available within Cisco Intersight. See Use case 3 Custom workflows using designer-free form for a complete list of NetApp storage tasks.

  • Added Health column under the Cluster list page.

  • Expanded details now available under the General page for a selected cluster.

  • NTP Server table now accessible through the navigation pane.

  • Added a new Sensors tab containing
    the General page for the Storage Virtual Machine.

  • VLAN and link aggregation group summary now available under the Port General page.

  • Total Data Capacity column added under the Volume Total Capacity table.

  • Latency, IOPS, and Throughput columns added under Average Volume Statistics, Average LUN Statistics, Average Aggregate Statistics, Average Storage VM Statistics, and Average Node Statistics tables

    Note The above performance metrics are only available for storage arrays monitored through NetApp Active IQ Unified Manager 9.9 or above.