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Building a hybrid cloud is a goal for most healthcare organizations to provide data availability at any time. In this solution, we implemented a FlexPod hybrid cloud solution with Cloud Volumes ONTAP, utilizing NetApp SnapMirror replication technology to validate some use cases to back up and recover healthcare applications and workloads.

FlexPod, a rigorously tested and prevalidated converged infrastructure from the strategic partnership of Cisco and NetApp is designed to deliver predictable low-latency system performance and high availability. This approach results in EHR high comfort levels and ultimately the best response time for users of the EHR system.

With NetApp, you can run EHR production, disaster recovery, backup, or tiering in the cloud just like you would run NetApp storage features in an on-premises datacenter. With NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP, NetApp provides the enterprise-class capabilities and the performance required to effectively run EHR in the cloud. NetApp cloud options provide block-over-iSCSI and file-over-NFS or SMB.

This solution caters to the need of healthcare organizations and enables them to take a step towards their digital transformation. It can also help them manage their applications and workloads in an efficient manner.