Before you begin

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To monitor and orchestrate NetApp storage from Cisco Intersight, you need NetApp Active IQ Unified Manager and Cisco Intersight Assist Virtual Appliance installed in the vCenter environment.

Install or Upgrade NetApp Active IQ Unified Manager

Install or upgrade to Active IQ Unified Manager 9.8p1 or later if you have not done so. For instructions, go to the Unified Manager 9.8 Documentation Center.

Install Cisco Intersight Assist Virtual Appliance


  1. Create a Cisco Intersight Account.
    Visit to create your Intersight account. You must have a valid Cisco ID to create a Cisco Intersight account.

  2. Download the Intersight Virtual Appliance at For more information, go to the Intersight Appliance Install and Upgrade Guide.

  3. Deploy the OVA. DNS and NTP are required to deploy the OVA.

    1. Configure DNS with A/PTR and CNAME Alias records prior to deploying the OVA. See the example below.

      example hostname used for A/PTR records

    2. Choose the appropriate configuration size (Tiny, Small, or Medium) based on your OVA deployment requirements for Intersight Virtual Appliance.

      TIP: For a two-node ONTAP cluster with a large number of storage objects, NetApp recommends that you use the Small (16 vCPU, 32 Gi RAM) option.

      screenshot of Deploy OVF Template step 5 configuration

    3. On the Customize Template page, customize the deployment properties of the OVF template. The administrator password is used for the local users: admin(webUI/cli/ssh).

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    4. Click Next.

  4. Post-deploy the Intersight Assist Appliance.

    1. Navigate to https://FQDN-of-your-appliance to complete the post-install set-up of your appliance.

      The installation process automatically begins. Installation can take up to one hour depending on bandwidth to It can also take several seconds for the secure site to be operational after the VM powers on.

    2. During the post-deployment process, select what you would like to install:

      • Intersight Connected Virtual Appliance. This deployment requires a connection back to Cisco and Intersight services for updates and access to required services for full functionality of

      • Intersight Private Virtual Appliance. This deployment is intended for an environment where you operate data centers in a disconnected (air gap) mode.

      • Intersight Assist. This deployment enables SaaS model to connect to Cisco Intersight.

        Note If you select Intersight Assist, take note of the device ID and claim code before you continue.

        screenshot of Intersight deployment options

    3. Click Proceed.

    4. If you selected Intersight Assist, complete the following steps:

      1. Navigate to your SaaS Intersight account at

      2. Click Targets, Cisco Intersight Assist, and then Start.

      3. Claim the Cisco Intersight Assist appliance by copying and pasting the device ID and claim code from your newly deployed Intersight Assist virtual appliance.

        screenshot of Select Target Type highlighting Cisco Intersight Assist

      4. Return to the Cisco Intersight Assist appliance and click Continue. You might need to refresh the browser.

        The download and installation process begins. The binaries are transferred from Intersight Cloud to your on-prem appliance. Completion time varies depending on your bandwidth to the Intersight Cloud.