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Storage virtual machine configuration


This section pertains to deployment on ONTAP 8.3 and later versions.

Note A storage virtual machine (SVM) is also known as a Vserver in the ONTAP API and in the ONTAP CLI.


You should create one dedicated SVM per ONTAP storage cluster to own and to manage the aggregates that contain the LUNs for the MEDITECH hosts.

SVM language encoding setting

NetApp recommends that you set the language encoding for all SVMs. If no language encoding setting is specified at the time that the SVM is created, the default language encoding setting is used. The default language encoding setting is C.UTF-8 for ONTAP. After the language encoding has been set, you cannot modify the language of an SVM with Infinite Volume later.

The volumes that are associated with the SVM inherit the SVM language encoding setting unless you explicitly specify another setting when the volumes are created. To enable certain operations to work, you should use the language encoding setting consistently in all volumes for your site. For example, SnapMirror requires the source and destination SVM to have the same language encoding setting.