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Verify that you meet the hardware, software, and licensing requirements for NetApp ONTAP storage integration with Cisco Intersight.

Hardware and software requirements

These are the minimum hardware and software components required to implement the solution. The components that are used in any particular implementation of the solution might vary based on customer requirements.

Component Requirement details


ONTAP 9.7P1 and later

NetApp Active IQ Unified Manager

Latest version of NetApp Active IQ Unified Manager is required (currently 9.14RC1)

NetApp Storage Array

All ONTAP ASA, AFF, and FAS storage arrays supported for ONTAP 9.7P1 and later

Virtualization Hypervisor

vSphere 7.0 and later

Note Refer to Cisco Intersight supported systems for the minimum requirements of Cisco UCS Compute Components and UCSM version.

Cisco Intersight licensing requirements

Cisco Intersight offers services such as Infrastructure Service and Cloud Orchestrator service to manage, automate, and optimize physical storage (NetApp storage). You can use these services to manage Cisco UCS server and Cisco HyperFlex system. The Infrastructure Service and Cloud Orchestrator service use a subscription-based licensing model with multiple tiers. You can choose the required Cisco UCS Server volume tier for the selected subscription term.

Licensing Model

The Cisco Intersight Infrastructure Services licensing model has been simplified and now offers the following two tiers:

  • Cisco Intersight Infrastructure Services Essentials - The Essentials license tier offers server management including global health monitoring functionality, inventory, proactive support through Cisco TAC integration, multi-factor authentication, along with providing SDK and API access.

  • Cisco Intersight Infrastructure Services Advantage - The Advantage license tier offers advanced server management with extended visibility, ecosystem integration, automation of Cisco and third-party hardware and software, along with providing multi-domain solutions.

For more information about the features covered by various licensing tiers, go to Infrastructure Services license.