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LUN configuration


The number of MEDITECH hosts in your environment determines the number of LUNs that are created within the NetApp FAS or AFF system. The Hardware Configuration Proposal specifies the size of each LUN.

LUN provisioning

MEDITECH LUNs that are dedicated for MEDITECH hosts can be either thick or thin provisioned.

LUN operating system type

To properly align the LUNs that are created, you must correctly set the operating system type for the LUNs. Misaligned LUNs incur unnecessary write operation overhead, and it is costly to correct a misaligned LUN.

The MEDITECH host server typically runs in the virtualized Windows Server environment by using the VMware vSphere hypervisor. The host server can also run in the Windows Server environment on a bare-metal server. To determine the correct operating system type value to set, refer to the “LUN Create” section of Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 Commands: Manual Page Reference.

LUN size

To determine the LUN size for each MEDITECH host, see the Hardware Configuration Proposal (new deployment) or the Hardware Evaluation Task (existing deployment) document from MEDITECH.

LUN presentation

MEDITECH requires that storage for program, dictionary, and data files be presented to MEDITECH hosts as LUNs by using the FC Protocol. In the VMware virtual environment, the LUNs are presented to the VMware ESXi servers that host the MEDITECH hosts. Then each LUN that is presented to the VMware ESXi server is mapped to each MEDITECH host VM by using RDM in the physical compatibility mode.

You should present the LUNs to the MEDITCH hosts by using the proper LUN naming conventions. For example, for easy administration, you must present the LUN MTFS01E to the MEDITECH host mt-host-01.

Refer to the MEDITECH Hardware Configuration Proposal when you consult with the MEDITECH and backup system installer to devise a consistent naming convention for the LUNs that the MEDITECH hosts use.

An example of a MEDITECH LUN name is MTFS05E, in which:

  • MTFS denotes the MEDITECH file server (for the MEDITECH host).

  • 05 denotes host number 5.

  • E denotes the Windows E drive.