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Program summary


FlexPod converged infrastructure portfolio

FlexPod reference architectures are delivered as Cisco Validated Designs (CVDs) or as NetApp Verified Architectures (NVAs). Deviations that are based on customer requirements from a given CVD or NVA are permitted if variations do not result in the deployment of unsupported configurations.

As depicted in the following figure, the FlexPod portfolio includes three solutions: FlexPod Express, FlexPod Datacenter, and FlexPod Select:

  • FlexPod Express. Offers an entry-level solution that consists of technologies from Cisco and NetApp.

  • FlexPod Datacenter. Delivers an optimal multipurpose foundation for various workloads and applications.

  • FlexPod Select. Incorporates the best aspects of FlexPod Datacenter and tailors the infrastructure to a given application.

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NetApp Verified Architecture program

The NVA program offers customers a verified architecture for NetApp solutions. An NVA means that the NetApp solution has the following qualities:

  • Is thoroughly tested

  • Is prescriptive in nature

  • Minimizes deployment risks

  • Accelerates time to market

This guide details the design of FlexPod Express with VMware vSphere. In addition, this design leverages the all-new AFF A220 system, which runs NetApp ONTAP 9.4 software, Cisco Nexus 3172P switches, and Cisco UCS C220 M5 servers as hypervisor nodes.

Although this document is validated for AFF A220, this solution also supports FAS2700.