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NVA-1142-DEPLOY: FlexPod Express with Cisco UCS C-Series and NetApp AFF C190 Series - NVA Deployment


Savita Kumari, NetApp

Industry trends indicate that a vast data center transformation is occurring toward shared infrastructure and cloud computing. In addition, organizations seek a simple and effective solution for remote and branch offices that uses technology that they are familiar with in their data center.

FlexPod® Express is a predesigned, best practice data center architecture that is built on the Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS), the Cisco Nexus family of switches, and NetApp® storage technologies. The components in a FlexPod Express system are like their FlexPod Datacenter counterparts, enabling management synergies across the complete IT infrastructure environment on a smaller scale. FlexPod Datacenter and FlexPod Express are optimal platforms for virtualization and for bare-metal operating systems and enterprise workloads.

FlexPod Datacenter and FlexPod Express deliver a baseline configuration and have the flexibility to be sized and optimized to accommodate many different use cases and requirements. Existing FlexPod Datacenter customers can manage their FlexPod Express system with the tools to which they are accustomed. New FlexPod Express customers can easily transition to managing FlexPod Datacenter as their environment grows.

FlexPod Express is an optimal infrastructure foundation for remote and branch offices and for small to midsize businesses. It is also an optimal solution for customers who want to provide infrastructure for a dedicated workload.

FlexPod Express provides an easy-to-manage infrastructure that is suitable for almost any workload.