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MEDITECH modules and components


The MEDITECH application covers several modules and components. The following table lists the functions that are covered by these modules. For additional information about setting up and deploying these modules, see the MEDITECH documentation.

Function Type


  • Web server

  • Live application server (WI – Web Integration)

  • Test application server (WI)

  • SAML authentication server (WI)

  • SAML proxy server (WI)

  • Database server


  • File server

  • Background Job Client

  • Connection server

  • Transaction server

Scanning and archiving

  • Image server

Data repository

  • SQL Server

Business and clinical analytics

  • Live intelligence server (BCA)

  • Test intelligence server (BCA)

  • Database server (BCA)

Home care

  • Remote site solution

  • Connectivity

  • Infrastructure

  • Printing

  • Field devices

  • Scanning

  • Hosted site requirements

  • Firewall configuration


  • Background Job Client (CALs – Client Access License)

User devices

  • Tablets

  • Fixed devices


  • Live network print server (required; might already exist)

  • Test network print server (required; might already exist)

Third-party requirement

  • First Databank (FDB) MedKnowledge Framework v4.3