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By running a medical imaging environment on FlexPod, your healthcare organization can expect to see an improvement in staff productivity and a decrease in capital and operating expenses. FlexPod provides a prevalidated, rigorously tested converged infrastructure from the strategic partnership of Cisco and NetApp. It is engineered and designed specifically to deliver predictable low-latency system performance and high availability. This approach results in a superior user experience and optimal response time for users of the medical imaging system.

Different components of a medical imaging system require data storage in SMB/CIFS, NFS, Ext4, and NTFS file systems. Therefore, your infrastructure must provide data access over NFS, SMB/CIFS, and SAN protocols. NetApp storage systems support these protocols from a single storage array.

High availability, storage efficiency, Snapshot copy-based scheduled fast backups, fast restore operations, data replication for disaster recovery, and the FlexPod storage infrastructure capabilities all provide an industry-leading data storage and management system.