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Snap Creator Framework

Benefits of using Snap Creator

Contributors NetAppZacharyWambold

The Snap Creator Framework provides a simple and flexible software framework that addresses various storage requirements.

Snap Creator is used in the following contexts to address various storage requirements:

  • As a single interface for managing environments that have multiple operating systems, hypervisors, applications, and databases.

  • For backup, recovery, and cloning of applications or databases that do not have a SnapManager offering; for example, IBM DB2, MaxDB, or SAP HANA.

  • As a centralized interface for backup and monitoring if SnapManager for Microsoft Exchange Server and SnapManager for Microsoft SQL Server have been set up in your environment.

  • When an application or database (such as Oracle) that has a SnapManager offering is used, but the host environment does not meet Interoperability Matrix (IMT) or similar requirements.

  • For replacing custom scripts for storage actions, thus offering a consistent method to create Snapshot copies, perform SnapVault updates or SnapMirror updates, clone volumes or LUNs, and call custom scripts anywhere through the Snap Creator workflow.