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Restoring databases after a primary storage failure with clustered Data ONTAP


You can restore an SAP HANA database after a primary storage system running clustered Data ONTAP fails.

Assuming the primary volume is lost completely, you need to create a new primary volume and then restore from the backup volume.

  1. Create a primary volume with type data protection.

    hana::> volume create -vserver hana1a -volume hana_data -aggregate aggr_sas_101 -size 300G -state online -type DP -policy default -autosize-mode grow_shrink -space-guarantee none
    -snapshot-policy none -foreground true
    [Job 6744] Job is queued: Create hana_data.
    [Job 6744] Job succeeded: Successful
  2. Restore all data from the backup volume.

    hana::> snapmirror restore -destination-path hana1a:hana_data -source-path hana2b:backup_hana_data -source-snapshot sc-backup-daily_20140505121000
    [Job 6746] Job is queued: snapmirror restore from source "hana2b:backup_hana_data" for the
    snapshot sc-backup-daily_20140505121000.
    hana::> job show -id 6746
    Job ID Name                 Vserver    Node           State
    ------ -------------------- ---------- -------------- ----------
    6746   SnapMirror restore   hana        hana01        Running
           Description: snapmirror restore from source "hana2b:backup_hana_data" for the snapshot sc-backup-daily_20140505121000

When the restore process is finished, you use SAP HANA to perform the recovery.